Visualize and monitor

Once you crawl and monitor your competitors' prices, you can go to the next level: create specific reports or alerts for each department.

In 2-3 weeks you can have a ready-to-use platform with your selected competitors' price comparison.

The platform has proven to be very suited for retailers for different reasons:

  • Matching capabilities (identical and comparable products)
  • Processing and comparison of promotions
  • Taking into account different prices (per zipcode)
  • Also comparing white label products
  • Can upload and compare offline prices
  • Can export personalized reports
  • Can set different reports or analysis for different teams

Different steps to monitor your price positioning

1. Observe your competitors' products and prices

Once you have the file with your competitor's products and prices thanks to Soysuper Crawl & export or from any other source, you can upload it in Soysuper Insights, our visualization and monitoring platform.

Send us an email indicating your case, the competitors, categories, approximate number of products and frequency that you want to monitor or upload and we will give you a quotation depending on your case.

2. Identify the identical products that you and your competitors are selling

Step 2 is to match identical products between your assortment and your competitors'. Do you already know how many products you have in common with your competitors? With Soysuper Insights we can improve these identical products matching that will help you improve your competitors´ price monitoring.

We recommend to begin checking at least the best-sellers (500-2.000 products) and then increase the identical products matches with time.

3. Identify the comparable products

Some top selling products do not have an identical match at your competitor but still have comparable product match (e.g. white brand products). We will help you to identify them and include them in the price comparisons.

4. Set up reports according to your pricing strategy

Once you will have identified the identical and comparable products, you can decide how to monitor and review your price positioning and assortment. Do you want to be aligned to an specific competitor, receive alerts if your products are more than X% different to certain competitors or align prices only when they don't have special deals?

With our B2B online monitoring platform, you can access 24h to the big picture and also to the detail at every product level.

Setup a call with us to see how our price monitoring platform can help you achieve your goals.

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