Price monitoring made easy

Crawl & export

Crawl and capture information from any ecommerce with any frequency.

You can receive the full assortment with all the information present in the website, such as category, product name, brand, variant, price, promotion, ...

The first step is to observe what the competitors are doing. It helps you monitor your price and assortment positioning.

Insights platform

Check your price positioning vs. competitors.

The Insights platform is easy-to-use and gives a deep understanding of your competitor's price and assortment throughout categories, brands and specific products, including comparison between white label products and comparable products.

It offers indexes, graphics, personalised lists, alerts and reports.

"Since 2012 we have been monitoring prices for top notch retailers all over the world and managing more than 6 million price points per day.

We are sure our solution outperforms other solutions you may find, in price, facility and flexibility".

Marta Esteve, CEO of Soysuper

Soysuper has an alliance with NielsenIQ for crawling in the FMCG sector in Spain since 2015, France since 2018 and Portugal since 2020. Most of the top retailers in Spain and Portugal are using Soysuper Insights platform to monitor their competitors daily or weekly.


Check your price positioning vs. competitors.

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